Catherine my Arizona encourager.

There’s sometimes in our lives where we hear this little voice that says” this is a good idea be brave and move forward.” DIVA Donations was one of those things. I just knew then it was supposed to be something. So as I’ve done many times in my life I grabbed my boot straps and I went for it by calling a complete stranger; a woman named Catherine in Arizona who I had seen had started formal clothing closet in her garage. She called it Catherines Glass Slipper. I only reached out to her once or twice but I could tell when I spoke to her she seemed like an old spirit of someone I knew. We just seem to connect she understood my purpose and she understood my guidance and she just had all these wonderful suggestions of how I should proceed. I still follow her as she’s left Arizona and moved to California and still has Catherines glass slipper and continues to do the work that she started in Arizona. I am grateful for this Fairy Godmother who took the time to answer a phone call from a complete stranger and talk about what motivated her to do what she did in her area. She encouraged me to do the same thing as I said there are fairy godmothers all over this world. And I’m so thankful for God’s introductions.

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