Our first DIVA

Lee was a sweet girl who came from a very sweet family. She was excited as she walked in the door and into the room filled with dresses. Her little sister was giddy as well. We still were not as organized as we should be, but Lee was patient with us as we tried to find the perfect dress to fit the occasion her first homecoming dance. She walked around the circle of dresses. Her hand running over the fabric feeling the lace and the sequins. Pulling out ones that had blingy baubles dangling from the shoulder. The decision was quite hard there were so many to choose from. Something I never thought would happen when I started DIVA. Finally her eyes landed on one it was perfect. It was black and gold lace and had a vintage feel to it. Her mom said I have just the shoes that will go with it this is perfect. She went to go try it on. We had one big room with a big mirror that had been donated. It was one room we knew that was going to have to change, because there were a lot of girls and only one room and each girl had to wait their individual turn. Lee came out of the room in the dress spinning in a circle as she was very experienced in dancing. We went to the accesorie wall and pulled down one of my grandma’s purses. (I couldn’t think of a better use ).

Baby sister and Lee
Baby sister

As she showed off this beautiful dress what the most beautiful thing that day was the smile on her mom’s face and hers and her little sister. Lee has been with us for the entire time of Diva and her baby sister has come along for the ride. Her mother has been a wonderful asset to us as well. These are the miraculous things and people that have happened in creating DIVA and again I’m so glad for God’s introductions.

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