A new room and a new friends.

ok now I had to move everything from the one room into a whole other room. I had to have racks to be able to hang everything in this room. I had my daughter’s to help me but we still had a lot to do and we were not quite sure how we were going to do it. My husband came out and hung up racks for me and we had some rolling racks and we had some round racks but to move all those dresses was going to be a huge project. that’s when 3 Fairy Godmothers came into help 1 was name was Kathy. Kathy and her daughters Maddi and Mckenzie came and helped me move from one place to another Madi would later model gowns for us at events. The other Fairy Godmother was Becky. Becky was a seamstress and was willing to help our DIVAs but she also was a no pulled punches let’s get to work kind of girl thank goodness. She got a counter removed we had no need for. And she got locks changed for us as the one room connected to the old room by a door. Becky has done alot of things for us through the years and we are eternally gratefull. Sandy was another huge help to us at DIVA Donations for quite a while. We got that room moved and things kind of organized for a little bit. We had all our prom dresses in one room and we had all our homecoming dresses in another room that was the size of a little closet. Every weekend I would have to take the dresses off the round racks take the round racks out of the doors. Set the round racks up and then hang the dresses on the round racks. This was so that the girls would be able to choose a dress to go to their dance easily and not be to cramped looking. Becky and Kathy we’re both there at different times to help me do that. It definitely was a project but it was worth doing to see those smiles on the girls faces. Lots of other fairy godmothers in training came out too and helped in that little room. I had Kim with her Girl Scout Troop come out and help us sort shoes and size them so the girls would be able to find the shoes that they needed easily. These sweet girl scouts come out now to the DIVA Donations closet to help and to be able to get dresses. Sometimes it’s amazes me to see them grow up and become the wonderful ladies that they are. Seeing these moments are the blessings that I have come to love with following this mission.

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