Wolves in sheep’s clothing goodbye DIVAs first room.

Sometimes when you’re doing good bad steps in to stop you. And then God steps in and saves you. I unfortunately had that experience when I decided to share an office with someone. It was in the very beginning of DIVA Donations and we were supposed to be getting our space ready and I had a volunteer there to come and help. Because we were sharing an office it was tense to say the least. I didn’t know how intense it would get until someone came out of the office screaming that my office mate had passed out and fallen off a chair . I of course ran in there and found them unresponsive and became very concerned. Unfortunately I did not have a cell phone available and the only cell phone that I did have available was theirs. I now realized I should have called 911 but somewhere in my mind I blanked. I got a hold of their phone and I called their mother. Their mother said to bring them home. After they came around I asked them if everything was okay and if they had been taking any type of medicine that might have made them have an allergic reaction. I was naive. They had tried to get in their car to drive and I told them no because it was dangerous if they had another reaction. So I drove them home when I got to their home I told their mother what had happened. I made them tell their mother what medication they had been taking. It took about a week for them to leave me a message in a note explaining that they were angry at me and how could I do that to them. They explained other details to me that they thought would be pertinent and would explain why they didn’t want me to tell their mother. I still have the letter as a reminder

. Well you can imagine my shock when a week later the building manager came to me and said we’re going to move you out of this office and give you the one next door. They had gone to the manager and requested that I not be in their office anymore. So that was our first move out of the first DIVA closet. I never knew what really happened because all I had done was try to help. But I would soon find out more than I would ever dream possible. In the end I ended up with a new space, and unfortunately a report on Scam Book. Something that basically makes you pay money to remove a report. It of course occurred the very same day all that mess happened. Unfortunately there are really good people out there who know how to con and I had met one. I actually had a police officer tell me that it was the best one he had seen. The police officer comes later on in the story. But in the end very thankful for that move and for God making sure his mission was not stopped.

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