Deanna a Sassy Fairy Godmother

You know those Facebook post you see online that say try this contest send in your name put your name down and share our post and you’ll win this prize. Well one night I was sitting there looking at my phone and I said oh what the heck I’ll try it. Well I won more than the prize which was a beautiful necklace from a jewelry company that Deanna had started up. I had also won the chance to talk to a sassy fairy Godmother. Of course I added the piece of jewelry to our closet, but I also got to personally sit down and have a cup of coffee with this amazing woman. Who truly knew and realized the real important things in life, being happy and helping others be happy. I can remember sitting down at Maggie’s magic muffins and I had my grandson in tow and Deanna and I just talked about why I started DIVA Donations how I started and how it was divinely inspired. And as I talked to her I knew she understood what Diva Donations was all about. Sometimes you meet these people in life that you feel like you have known them all along and you recognize something in their spirit. That’s how it was with Deanna .She was an amazing intelligent entrepreneur that had made some awesome business decisions and created a few companies. She also had made some difficult choices to make her life better for her and her family. Deanna wanted to tell our story and we were so grateful for how she did it. I knew she had to be on our board of directors because she understood what we were doing and she was willing to help us. While on our board Deanna designed our gorgeous classic business logo.

I told her what I had in mind and she nailed it. I still talk to Deanna today she still inspiring me and encouraging me as well as educating hundreds other of other women across the United States and in our own local area. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Sassy girl community on Facebook you should. Deanna is now sharing her knowledge of social media with men women around the United States and helping them obtain that happy balanced Life and obtain their dreams at

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