Deanna a Sassy Fairy Godmother

You know those Facebook post you see online that say try this contest send in your name put your name down and share our post and you’ll win this prize. Well one night I was sitting there looking at my phone and I said oh what the heck I’ll try it. Well I won more than the prize which was a beautiful necklace from a jewelry company that Deanna had started up. I had also won the chance to talk to a sassy fairy Godmother. Of course I added the piece of jewelry to our closet, but I also got to personally sit down and have a cup of coffee with this amazing woman. Who truly knew and realized the real important things in life, being happy and helping others be happy. I can remember sitting down at Maggie’s magic muffins and I had my grandson in tow and Deanna and I just talked about why I started DIVA Donations how I started and how it was divinely inspired. And as I talked to her I knew she understood what Diva Donations was all about. Sometimes you meet these people in life that you feel like you have known them all along and you recognize something in their spirit. That’s how it was with Deanna .She was an amazing intelligent entrepreneur that had made some awesome business decisions and created a few companies. She also had made some difficult choices to make her life better for her and her family. Deanna wanted to tell our story and we were so grateful for how she did it. I knew she had to be on our board of directors because she understood what we were doing and she was willing to help us. While on our board Deanna designed our gorgeous classic business logo.

I told her what I had in mind and she nailed it. I still talk to Deanna today she still inspiring me and encouraging me as well as educating hundreds other of other women across the United States and in our own local area. If you haven’t had an opportunity to check out Sassy girl community on Facebook you should. Deanna is now sharing her knowledge of social media with men women around the United States and helping them obtain that happy balanced Life and obtain their dreams at

It takes a village

So as DIVA Donations settled into their second dance season starting with homecoming we had served 37 girls for homecoming. I had gone around to local businesses and started asking them when they were done or not able to sell certain items of clothing if they would consider donating them to our organization. One of these businesses was located in Austintown and it was an antique shop and kind of vintage Thrift Shop very sweet people ran it who I am eternally grateful for meeting. I started to tell Rosemary about my mission and she said well I don’t have any dresses right now that are available but I do know of someone who might be able to help you with the business part of it . Rosemary ended up contacting wonderful caring business owner named Deana. Deana owned Something Unique 4 you Flowers and gifts in Austintown. Rosemary was kind enough to make a phone call down to her and let her know that I was coming to talk to her. Now this was completely out of my comfort zone I had talked to more people that I have never met before in my life doing this but I thought what could it hurt . So I went down to her store in Austintown and I walked in and there stood this very stern-looking person and I have to say I was quite intimidated but as I talk to her I saw her soften. She understood what I was asking and why I was doing what I was doing because she had had girls that had come in there who could barely afford a dress let alone the flowers and she had been helping them all along. Deana wasn’t quite sure how we were supposed to handle the business side of DIVA Donations but she knew of somebody who could help us somebody who was in business school at the time and her name was Debi and Debi had a true understanding of why this service was needed. And so Debi Deana and I met for the first time together and and took the first steps for creating DIVA Donations . I of course could not pass up these two great people and adding them to the board. I would have added Rosemary too except that she was moving. I am eternally grateful for these 3 wonderful ladies who took the time to talk to the crazy person who walked in their door and said I have an idea. We have since lost Deana our bulldog who protected me and Diva Donations from the bullies of the world and we feel her loss greatly. Deanna always gave our DIVA Donations girls their flowers for free but she never let me brag about it she just wanted to do things quietly in her own way. And as I talked to other people I found out she helped a lot of people besides us she was a good spirit. But we know we need to keep DIVA Donations going and we know that she is smiling from Heaven that it has been here this long and we will be eternally grateful for her help in making DIVA Donations a reality. Debi is still on our board and attends as time allows her to. She’s gone through a lot as well and yet she still has chosen to help us we are grateful to her as well. The story is basically that it takes a village to raise a child and these people took time out of their lives to help us start to make a change and make it easier for families in our community financially. Thank you for being the answer ladies.

A Fairy Godmother named Jess.

So yes unfortunately I did come across someone who was not as authentic as I thought but then I had a chance to meet a very authentic person. Someone who absolutely understood the need to have this closet for these young women in our community. We’re going to call her Jess. Jess was a Godsend she was intelligent she was organized and she truly understood what it was to want to be able to have something lovely to go to a dance in. She knew because she herself had been raised in the foster care system and was put in a home where she worked for an entire summer to earn enough money to buy a dress. Unfortunately Jess had that dress stolen and it really broke her heart to have it stolen. So when I met her and she told me this story I said she gets it. She truly understands this need she was perfect for our board. She was perfect to help us get organized enough so that we could raise enough money to be able to get our 501 c 3. And she knew just how to do it and that was a vendor’s event. Jess was an amazing Crafter and she knew how to put an event together and she did just that and because of her efforts we were able to raise enough money to be able to obtain our 501 c 3. A very important document we needed as a charity. Jess has since moved on continues to do the beautiful crafting she did when I first met her. It was difficult for her to be remain a member of our board when we were located so far into Mahoning County and she was from the Trumbull County area. But God bless her she tried to come to all the meetings that she could and she was such a contributor to our board. I was very grateful that I met Jess because without her DIVA Donations would never have gotten to where it is today. She definitely deserves the Fairy Godmother title.

A new room and a new friends.

ok now I had to move everything from the one room into a whole other room. I had to have racks to be able to hang everything in this room. I had my daughter’s to help me but we still had a lot to do and we were not quite sure how we were going to do it. My husband came out and hung up racks for me and we had some rolling racks and we had some round racks but to move all those dresses was going to be a huge project. that’s when 3 Fairy Godmothers came into help 1 was name was Kathy. Kathy and her daughters Maddi and Mckenzie came and helped me move from one place to another Madi would later model gowns for us at events. The other Fairy Godmother was Becky. Becky was a seamstress and was willing to help our DIVAs but she also was a no pulled punches let’s get to work kind of girl thank goodness. She got a counter removed we had no need for. And she got locks changed for us as the one room connected to the old room by a door. Becky has done alot of things for us through the years and we are eternally gratefull. Sandy was another huge help to us at DIVA Donations for quite a while. We got that room moved and things kind of organized for a little bit. We had all our prom dresses in one room and we had all our homecoming dresses in another room that was the size of a little closet. Every weekend I would have to take the dresses off the round racks take the round racks out of the doors. Set the round racks up and then hang the dresses on the round racks. This was so that the girls would be able to choose a dress to go to their dance easily and not be to cramped looking. Becky and Kathy we’re both there at different times to help me do that. It definitely was a project but it was worth doing to see those smiles on the girls faces. Lots of other fairy godmothers in training came out too and helped in that little room. I had Kim with her Girl Scout Troop come out and help us sort shoes and size them so the girls would be able to find the shoes that they needed easily. These sweet girl scouts come out now to the DIVA Donations closet to help and to be able to get dresses. Sometimes it’s amazes me to see them grow up and become the wonderful ladies that they are. Seeing these moments are the blessings that I have come to love with following this mission.

Wolves in sheep’s clothing goodbye DIVAs first room.

Sometimes when you’re doing good bad steps in to stop you. And then God steps in and saves you. I unfortunately had that experience when I decided to share an office with someone. It was in the very beginning of DIVA Donations and we were supposed to be getting our space ready and I had a volunteer there to come and help. Because we were sharing an office it was tense to say the least. I didn’t know how intense it would get until someone came out of the office screaming that my office mate had passed out and fallen off a chair . I of course ran in there and found them unresponsive and became very concerned. Unfortunately I did not have a cell phone available and the only cell phone that I did have available was theirs. I now realized I should have called 911 but somewhere in my mind I blanked. I got a hold of their phone and I called their mother. Their mother said to bring them home. After they came around I asked them if everything was okay and if they had been taking any type of medicine that might have made them have an allergic reaction. I was naive. They had tried to get in their car to drive and I told them no because it was dangerous if they had another reaction. So I drove them home when I got to their home I told their mother what had happened. I made them tell their mother what medication they had been taking. It took about a week for them to leave me a message in a note explaining that they were angry at me and how could I do that to them. They explained other details to me that they thought would be pertinent and would explain why they didn’t want me to tell their mother. I still have the letter as a reminder

. Well you can imagine my shock when a week later the building manager came to me and said we’re going to move you out of this office and give you the one next door. They had gone to the manager and requested that I not be in their office anymore. So that was our first move out of the first DIVA closet. I never knew what really happened because all I had done was try to help. But I would soon find out more than I would ever dream possible. In the end I ended up with a new space, and unfortunately a report on Scam Book. Something that basically makes you pay money to remove a report. It of course occurred the very same day all that mess happened. Unfortunately there are really good people out there who know how to con and I had met one. I actually had a police officer tell me that it was the best one he had seen. The police officer comes later on in the story. But in the end very thankful for that move and for God making sure his mission was not stopped.

Our first DIVA

Lee was a sweet girl who came from a very sweet family. She was excited as she walked in the door and into the room filled with dresses. Her little sister was giddy as well. We still were not as organized as we should be, but Lee was patient with us as we tried to find the perfect dress to fit the occasion her first homecoming dance. She walked around the circle of dresses. Her hand running over the fabric feeling the lace and the sequins. Pulling out ones that had blingy baubles dangling from the shoulder. The decision was quite hard there were so many to choose from. Something I never thought would happen when I started DIVA. Finally her eyes landed on one it was perfect. It was black and gold lace and had a vintage feel to it. Her mom said I have just the shoes that will go with it this is perfect. She went to go try it on. We had one big room with a big mirror that had been donated. It was one room we knew that was going to have to change, because there were a lot of girls and only one room and each girl had to wait their individual turn. Lee came out of the room in the dress spinning in a circle as she was very experienced in dancing. We went to the accesorie wall and pulled down one of my grandma’s purses. (I couldn’t think of a better use ).

Baby sister and Lee
Baby sister

As she showed off this beautiful dress what the most beautiful thing that day was the smile on her mom’s face and hers and her little sister. Lee has been with us for the entire time of Diva and her baby sister has come along for the ride. Her mother has been a wonderful asset to us as well. These are the miraculous things and people that have happened in creating DIVA and again I’m so glad for God’s introductions.

Catherine my Arizona encourager.

There’s sometimes in our lives where we hear this little voice that says” this is a good idea be brave and move forward.” DIVA Donations was one of those things. I just knew then it was supposed to be something. So as I’ve done many times in my life I grabbed my boot straps and I went for it by calling a complete stranger; a woman named Catherine in Arizona who I had seen had started formal clothing closet in her garage. She called it Catherines Glass Slipper. I only reached out to her once or twice but I could tell when I spoke to her she seemed like an old spirit of someone I knew. We just seem to connect she understood my purpose and she understood my guidance and she just had all these wonderful suggestions of how I should proceed. I still follow her as she’s left Arizona and moved to California and still has Catherines glass slipper and continues to do the work that she started in Arizona. I am grateful for this Fairy Godmother who took the time to answer a phone call from a complete stranger and talk about what motivated her to do what she did in her area. She encouraged me to do the same thing as I said there are fairy godmothers all over this world. And I’m so thankful for God’s introductions.

Homeschool helpers


One of the amazing things that has happened at DIVA is the fact that I have been able to meet wonderful friendly helpful people at so many different places. One of those places is the Big Reach. As I stated before I’ve had the opportunity to attend many of their back School back to school activities for the kids in our community. I had a chance to meet a woman another fairy Godmother named Linda who was in charge of a Homeschool Group and loved the idea of DIVA Donations. So one of her group’s projects was to make jewelry for our DIVAS from beads and broken odds and ends. And to have a chance to tell the kids what were were doing. Now I have never spoke to a group of children before but it was such a wonderful experience.They were energetic,intelligent,and eager to help. We received some beautiful pieces of jewelry that day we also made a couple good friends and supporters I was very glad I had met Linda and her homeschool group.

What’s in a name

So as I was creating this mission I was trying to rack my brain trying to figure out what I was going to call it. Kristin’s kloset, Friend’s Closet; big Sister’s, Closet I knew I thought I wanted the word closet and then I met Sister Kandi. Kandi lived in one of those retirement homes in downtown Youngstown and she was a minister of some kind. She knew of a couple girls that were in need of dresses and clothing

. I of course reached out to her and helped her and the young women that she knew. She said” this mission what are you going to call it” and I told her my name’s and I then I said well I have one one other name and that was DIVA Donations. I told her how I hated the word diva because it made it sound spoiled, or self indulgent and had a negative connotation. Pastor Kandi right there gave me the answer DIVA Donations. D.ivinely-I.nspired V.irtuously A.cquired it was perfect. I told her okay I guess I’m taking back the word DIVA and that’s how DIVA Donations came to be.

The Big Reach my first Fairy Godmother gathering ❤

I had seen the news shows about this wonderful organization out in Greenford that was starting up and had just been built not too long ago. I and my family had attended a couple of the community events that they had held as a church and I recognized. They were truly trying to do something to help our community. I had approached them early on in my mission and had had the the chance to go out to the Big Reach and talk to Scott and Lisa about what I wanted to do. They both thought it was a wonderful idea but they weren’t quite sure how they could help us. I received an email from Lisa that said “would you like to attend our back to school event” I thought this is a great opportunity to get it out to the community that this resource was available. So I packed up my daughters and our little table and some dresses and some jewelry and I went to this back to school event. I was absolutely amazed at all these wonderful people who were trying to make the world better for children in our community. I sat at our table and I talked to person after person about what we were trying to do. On our breaks I would talk to the people who were around me that also worked for different organizations. During the event I had managed to get a hold of someone who was a seamstress and a couple of volunteers and even a woman who ran a Homeschool group. What I found that day was that there are fairy godmothers all over. People who want to try and make the world a better place for children families and struggling individuals. After the event I had a chance to talk to Scott and Lisa and walk around and look at everything that was available to help people in our community. I can remember Scott saying are you ready for this and I can remember laughing and saying” oh there is no way it will ever get this big” my idea was a room that I could open and the girls would be able to choose a dress. Girls would be able to come no one would know. This was different from a school dress giveaway. No girl could come up to another girl and make them feeling less by saying “Oh that’s my old dress” no one would know where the dresses came from and they would leave happy. But boy did God have other plans and I was just starting. There were too many Fairy Godmothers to count that day. But boy did I get to see Gods love in action. I will never regret that day and that experience.